Gayle’s Story

Gayle Taylor-Ford feels like she’s always running uphill. Her husband Daniel was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2015 and from the get-go, they have had to consistently fight with their insurance company to get – and stay on – the right treatment that his doctor prescribes.

At his initial diagnosis, Daniel was forced wait three months before he received approval for the therapy that his doctor wanted him on originally. During those 90 days of trying alternative treatment, Daniel developed two new lesions on his spine. The Fords will always wonder: if they were granted immediate coverage of his prescribed treatment, would that have prevented the progression of his MS?

But Gayle has found that her and her husband are not alone, nor is he in the minority of people who struggle to get the medication their doctor prescribes. Gayle, who’s also a board member of the International Pain Foundation, says pain patients nationwide are faced with “step therapy” – the process by which an insurance company forces a patient to fail on cheaper medications before covering what their physician initially prescribed. And so, for the benefit of all Kansans, the Fords are fighting back.

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