Who Should Make Your Treatment Decisions?

Treatment decisions should be in the hands of patients and doctors – not insurance companies.

You Can Make a Difference

Standing up for patient protections is critical in making sure Kansans have access to the treatments their doctors prescribe.

Step therapy is when your insurance company requires you to try, and fail, on lower-cost or older treatments before they will cover what your health care provider initially prescribed. We must ensure patients are protected from step therapy that could negatively affect their health.


*Statistics courtesy Doctor Patients Right Project


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From the moment Gayle’s husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis they have had to consistently fight with their insurance company to get – and stay on – the treatment his doctor prescribes.

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Staci and her 17-year-old daughter have a lot in common – they both have arthritis and have both faced major roadblocks in trying to get access to treatment, thanks to their insurance company.

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Step therapy takes control from health care providers and their patients and gives it to insurers. States are standing up for patients’ rights against this harmful practice. Kansas should too.

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The Kansas Coalition for Treatment Access represents people from across Kansas living with or affected by life threatening and chronic conditions. Click to learn more about the organizations that have joined together to advocate for on behalf of these individuals and their families.

In the News

Patient Protections Added to Step Therapy Bill

Step therapy requires Medicaid patients to try the least expensive medications for treating their ailments first. If those fail, they can then “step up” to a more expensive alternative.

Protecting Patients

Step therapy is when patients are required to try – and fail – on alternative prescription drugs chosen by insurers before coverage is granted for the drug originally prescribed.



Step Therapy Bill Delays Access To The Best Care

Step therapy is used by health plans to control costs; however, it has shown to have a very negative impact on patients.

Editorial: Step Therapy Wrong

For insurance companies, step therapy has little to do with “effectively treating the patient’s medical condition.” Rather, it’s synonymous with “cost reduction.”